Friday, December 26, 2008

GIT and CR/LF-ing

I recently started using git and it's amazing. Since I do many of my work in Windows I use msysgit which does a nice job. 

However, there are some issues regarding the famous <CR><LF> line endings: git will try to convert single <LF>'s to <CR><LF>'s by defaut. Recalling the previous post about automatic build number generation, git will warn about single <LF> termination on some files, specially the ones generated by sh under Windows.

Fortunately, the git docs discuss every detail about customization and git itself. To force git to leave the files as is and forget about line terminations the file .git/info/attributes should be modified by adding something like this (and created if it doesn't exist yet):

file_to_ignore -crlf
another_file_to_ignore -crlf

That way git will just ignore the single-LF ending inside the specified files. Wildcards are also possible.

Another nice trick that has nothing to do with line termination is the file .git/info/exclude which tells git to exclude certain files from the repository (wildcards allowed too).

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