Saturday, November 12, 2011

GNOME3 Fallback mode 'fix'

I switched to archlinux recently. I was used to Gnome2, and Gnome3 is quite of a disappointment in the sense that it involves re-learning how to do things, when software is supposed to adapt to us. Anyway, I don't plan to start a discussion on that, googling already reveals many 'gnome3 sucks' posts which provide lot of detail on the 'why'.

In summary, I tried KDE4, but didn't feel comfortable either. Finally I ended up in GNOME3 fallback mode, whose default theme is disappointing as well. I found this theme which makes it look friendlier , but had some problems in nautilus and background font color. So I modified it and uploaded it here.

Now my desktop reminds me of Gnome2 and sometimes I believe it is even friendlier and better looking ;)